Kenneth: Good morning, Mr. Donaghy. I would like to speak to you on behalf of all the NBC pages.
Jack: I'll give you a New York minute. That's seven seconds.
Kenneth: Well sir, we pages and I feel that me and they are not being treated fairly as regards paychecking. I'm nervous!
Jack: We went over this yesterday, Kenneth. There simply isn't any money.
Kenneth: Excuse me, sir, but I accidentally saw your paycheck.
Jack: Well I hope it was inspirational.

Bonus means extra. I know that. From game shows.


Which one is the elevator I'm not afraid of?


Liz: No one can find out about this ...
Cerie: Find out about what?
Liz: Pete's stealing money!
Pete: Liz's uterus fell out!
Cerie: I think I already knew that.

Another actor? Why? They have so many feelings and opinions!


I'm in the middle of a RAGING period ... of economic turmoil.


Whatever religious undergarment Kenneth wears is in a twist.


Oh, that's right, Josh. I forgot about that guy. You think that's a good sign?


I want to welcome you to Season Four ... the restaurant where you can get the very best food in the rest of America!

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