Some of them are sun tea and some of them ... were sun tea.


Recycle everything, including jokes.

Al Gore

Drama is gay man Gatorade. It replenishes their electrolytes.


Conserve electricity. Don't be a zero, be a good guy.

Masi Oka

I once took a low-volume shower with Ed Begley, Jr. What else can I do?


I don't think there's a box for that on the form. How about Cheers Lied to Me?

Dr. Leo Spaceman

If a patient's friend runs in the room in the middle of an operation, then you have to stop. It's the doctor's code.

Dr. Leo Spaceman

Our topical cold open is about Omarosa borrowing Bjork's swan dress.


There are no rules. It's like check-in at an Italian sex party.

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