Naomi: It's not nice, it's Gucci.
Max: If I start swanning around in Gucci my friends will know something's up.

Silver [after reconciling with Adrianna]: How do we make it better?
Adrianna: Break up with him.

You've both been friends a really really long time. Hope you don't let some idiot like me ruin that.

Navid [to Silver and Adrianna]

Naomi: We have to hurry. It's almost time for the fiesta.
Max: I'll show you a fiesta.

You really care about me, don't you? I mean you care a lot. Enough to give up having sex...with me!

Naomi [to Max]

Teddy: I think I'm becoming one of those relationship people. Oh my God, I'm lame.
Silver: You are not lame. You're just a good guy who's ready to get back on the relationship burro.
Teddy: Still a horrible expression. But yeah, I think I am.
Silver: It's really great. To getting back on the burro.

Guys like you and me aren't the relationship type.

Tripp [to Teddy]

So this is who you hooked up with last night. You're right, he is hot.

Will [Tripp's boyfriend upon meeting Teddy]

Oh, she's going down!

Silver [after discovering Adrianna's tap water trickery]
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