Zack: [Billie's] douche ex-boyfriend got me thinking that I am way over my head.
Dr. Roland: Well, douche ex-boyfriends are known for their wisdom

Davis: Actually, I enjoy the word jumble. I think I'd be really good at writing those.
James: Are you finished?
Davis: You mean, am I ifnished?

Maybe I should just put a bag over your head, drive you to the middle of the woods, and we can talk there

Olivia [to Davis]

Ryan: You're gonna close your eyes. We're gonna spin you around. Now, whoever you take a picture of, you gotta try and nail.
Zack: Wait, wait, wha-- what if it's a dude?
Davis: Just look interested in what he's saying. Guys looove that

Billie: I tossed [Zack's] room.
Abby: You did not!
Billie: Oh, but I did. I tossed it like a prison guard looking for crack

Billie: Are people staring at me because I just broke up with the boss and accidentally got impregnated by a 22-year-old on a futon? Or, and this is the one I want you to say, because my hair turned out all bouncy and fun?
Olivia: Actually, people are staring 'cause you've got a great big hunk of cream cheese on your boob

Zack: Can you believe that guy?
Davis: Yeah, he's like a really handsome Darth Vader

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