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If you think this woman deserves a second chance, we should give it to her. Even though she tried to kill me, I hate her guts.


May: Bus to short bus.
Ward: Go for short bus.
Coulson: Next time I'll decide what we call ourselves, ok.

Skye: So you asked how she could have cracked the system. I have a pitch, but its way outside the box.
Coulson: I live outside the box.

Skye: What's up Phil.
Coulson: I prefer you not call me Phil.
Skye: Ok, you're the boss AC.

Coulson: Have you seen Skye?
Ward: Not since weapons training.
Coulson: She stop saying bang when she pulls the trigger?
Ward: Mostly. Now if she can just learn the difference between the safety release and the magazine release, we will be making real progress.

Coulson: Maybe I should learn to fly. It's not too late right? I could learn. What do you like best, freedom, the view?
May: The solitude.
Coulson: Got it.

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