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Pamela: I'm really worried about Denise. What happens if she doesn't wake up?
Roxy: Don't say that. She's going to wake up.

Joan: Roland.
Roland: Blackberry down now.

Roxy: I swear, if you're joking...
Trevor: It's no joke, babe. We're staying at Fort Marshall.
Roxy: That is awesome!
Trevor: Now we don't have to see The Hump Bar either. With all the new troops comin' in, business is gonna be better than ever. The Truckstop too.

Pamela: Okay, you got a better idea?
Roxy: You be your ass I do.

Fort Marshall will be the new home of the 32nd Airborne.


Good night princess, I love you.


Chief: Nice wheels.
Roxy: Zip it Chief.

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