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You know five years ago your irresponsibility was somewhat charming. It is a lot less so now.


Oliver just got back from five years on an unchartered island. Before that he was cheating on me with my sister.


My best friend is getting legally resurrected. I wouldn't miss this for the world.


Oliver: This guy gets more airtime on the Kardashians.
Thea: Five years on an island and you still know who they are.

Our family's wealth had been built on the suffering of others.


Oliver: She's testing you.
Moira: Yes, and who'd she learn that from?

Cops brought her home. She and some friends broke into a store, tried on some dresses last night, lit up the breathalyzer like a Christmas tree.

Diggle [about Thea]

You know what Oliver? You're wrong that island did change you. At least now you're honest.


I want one of those tshirts that says my friend was a cast away and all I got was this crappy shirt.

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