You catch 'em, I cook 'em. Oh! Did I say that too loud?


Nyssa: During your fighting, your technique was competent.
Laurel: Why do I get the feeling that's your idea of a compliment?
Nyssa: It could certainly be improved.
Laurel: Is that an offer to teach me?
Nyssa: I have nowhere else to go.

Slade's whole plan was to take everything from me. He did. He wins. All that's left is for me to die.


Mom, secrets are what put you here. Secrets and lies. Now is the time to give the truth its day.


I wasn't lying to hurt you, but to keep you safe.

Moira [to Walter]

Lyla: You only call me sweetie when you want something.
Diggle: Is it working?

I think it's easy to forget that he lived apart from civilization for five years.


Normal for us is a lavish party.


I thought you never forget your first love.


When I didn't feel lost, I felt free.

about the island}

Queen Consolidated's Applied Sciences Division is now fully dedicated to replicating a serum based on your blood sample.


Lyla: You're, you're...
Barry: The Flash. Sushi?

Arrow Quotes

Laurel: Helena, you don't have to do this.
Helena: Yes, I do. Because once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out.

You know Oliver, somebody once told me that secrets have weight. The more you keep, the harder it is to keep moving.