Laurel, if there’s something on your mind, give it voice. I don’t bite. I promise.


Damien: When you're dead, I'll be sure to put that totem to better use.
Vixen: Took the words right out of my mouth.
Damien: Well. That happened.

In deference of good taste, we will forego the removal of shirts.


I am the Demon's Head. I have my resources.


Lyla: You're, you're...
Barry: The Flash. Sushi?

Sara: I wasn't trying to be a bitch.
Laurel: The title of your autobiography.

I was with you because I loved you.


My sister wasn't born a killer. Malcolm Merlyn made her one and I let it happen.


Oliver: I want to talk to him.
Laurel: About this case -- or me?
Oliver: Two weeks ago I said I wouldn't train you to fight. Now you have a trainer.
Laurel: Who's training me to box, to let off some steam. I think I have a pretty good reason to have some.

I love how playing superhero is what we consider normal.


I don't understand! What is so special about me?


He doesn't kill for justice, which makes him as dangerous as anyone on my list.


Arrow Quotes

There are people in this world who deal only in extremes. It's naive to think that anything less than extreme measures will stop them.


Every warrior must learn the simple truth -- that pain is inevitable and suffering is optional.