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Isabel: You aren't at all what people say about you.
Oliver: Most people fail to see the real me.

That outfit, with your coloring - isn't that cruel and unusual punishment or something?


Oliver: Laurel, Malcolm killed Tommy.
Laurel: He was killed in the crossfire between two archers. And now that Malcolm's dead, there's only one archer left and I'm going to help my boss catch him.

Oliver: Laurel. I understand. After everything that's happened, I understand why we can't be together. I still need you in my life.
Laurel: We've been through too much for it to be any other way.

What I lack in height I make up for in wicked good hearing.


Oliver: I would give anything to...
Laurel: To go back.

I'm not coming back to Starling City. I can't. My mission, my father's list - it was a fool's crusade. And I failed. Malcolm Merlyn destroyed The Glades. Tommy died. And The Hood couldn't stop it, so don't ask me to put it on again. Ever.


I would have emailed, but this isn't exactly an email hot spot.


God, um, you... You're really sweaty.

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