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Oliver deals with the fallout from the Season 1 finale on the Season 2 premiere.

Felicity and Diggle track Oliver down on his island and bring him home.

Oliver flashes to his first trip on the Island and his training with Slade and Shado, with whom Oliver was romantically linked.

When a gala is attacked by a new group calling themselves The Hoods, the only person left standing and fighting back is Laurel.

Laurel tells Oliver sleeping with him was a mistake and she feels as though she betrayed Tommy before he died.

Thea has taken over Verdant in Oliver's absence, but she hasn't been to see her mother and refuses to see her because of her complicity in what happened to The Glades.

Diggle is stuck acting as Oliver's chauffeur again.

The four hoods under the gear want to take their fight to the Queens for causing all of their suffering.

Roy thinks Thea should see her mother because shes' still alive.

Oliver continues swinging Felicity to safety when The Hoods attack Queen Consolidated.

Quentin Lance is now a beat cop, awaiting word from his hooded friend.

Oliver goes to see Moira in prison.

We learn how little restraint Oliver had in the past when his loved ones were in peril via an island scene.

Oliver decides to wear The Hood again, but to try not killing as much.

Oliver and Laurel visit Tommy's grave and Laurel vows to take down The Hood.

Thea makes amends with Moira.

Walter saves Queen Consolidated.

Roy is assisted in the streets by a new hero.

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