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This is not study. It's not my imagination. Detective Hawkins ran me off the road and destroyed my family.


I don't like trusting my life to a rubber band.


I always switch, Hannah, Rex, Hannah, Rex. It's like clockwork.


Maybe you can want something so much that it's easy to project.


Wow, under the mattress, criminal mastermind, no?


For me, every game could go either way. So it's kind of hard to keep track or care anymore.


I'm not huge on goodbyes.


You giving you your ex-girlfriend a polygraph is not one of your better ideas.


The delusions that drive them also convince them to try to hide the depth of their problems.


So you're allowed to sleepover at your boyfriend's, but you can't have Captain Crunch?


But what you are really afraid of is what it all might point to. You're having a nightmare about madness Detective Britten because somewhere inside you fear that if you continue to deny the reality of your situation this is where all that could end.


Look, your mother's not here, and we don't have an interpreter anymore. It's just you and me, and if we want to make this work we're gonna have to put some effort in.

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Awake Season 1 Quotes

Trust me, when it comes to letting one of them go I have no desire to ever make progress.


Hannah: Are you gonna see him tonight?
Britten: Yeah.
Hannah: Tell him I love him.
Britten: I will.

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