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Ex-nay on the Chinese-a. The mafia is everywhere, and they can't know what I know. It's all about the long play.


For once I felt a connection Sadie. She was about to branded and left behind as her friends left in a different life direction.


I am way too self-absorbed to be laissez-faire."


Jenna: Like Ricky, apparently he was working something out too.
Jake: More like rubbing it out. What's with the latent fixation on boobs?
Jenna: It's not latent it's blatant.

Responsibility was a process.


Thank you, but you can stuff this up your ass. I'm not in mourning, and what the hell would a fucking penguin do if I was?


Do I have to? She had crazy eyes.


Tamara: Jenna, I might be a witch.
Jenna: Drop the w and replace with a b.

It's gonna be okay, no one ever died getting touched by their uncle.

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