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J.T.: You broke every rule! No interacting with anyone, no entering a building -
Vincent: I know what the rules are, okay? I made them. It's been years. It starts to feel like a prison in here.
J.T.: What prison has a flat screen and an Xbox?

Yeah, no Twitter either. You know why? He can't have any followers.


Cat: I just wish you were a normal guy.
Vincent: Ouch.

Heyyyyy. Look who got her own house key. Who knew?


Joe: The best way to make people feel safe is to eliminate the problem. Let's kill this bastard.
Gabe: Is that the police chief talking or the victim's brother?

Knowing you'll always be there to rip someone limb from limb in a pinch is a little different than knowing your not going to play Ice Castles with the next hot chick that comes along.


J.T.: Call the CSI guy again.
Cat: CSU. CSI is a TV show.

Vincent: I am such an ass.
J.T.: Can't say I'm gonna argue with you there.

But I know now that better future isn't with her, Catherine, it's with you.

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