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Heyyyyy. Look who got her own house key. Who knew?


Joe: The best way to make people feel safe is to eliminate the problem. Let's kill this bastard.
Gabe: Is that the police chief talking or the victim's brother?

Yeah, no Twitter either. You know why? He can't have any followers.


It can't happen again. The son of a bitch has been eviscerated.


Okay. We're all gonna die. I'm gonna get a Tums.


Tess: Do you kiss him when he's like that?
Cat: No. Not when he's fully like that, but when he's somewhere in between.
Tess: Okaaay. The world really is grey with you.

Cat: I just wish you were a normal guy.
Vincent: Ouch.

J.T: I'm the one you almost had for a snack.
Cat: And that's Vincent.
J.T.: He's the one you're lookin' for.

To our sweethearts - easy on the sweet and hard on the heart.

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