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Vincent: I'm sorry for pretending, but I couldn't trust you because I didn't remember you, but now...
Cat: There are so many more lies in our relationship than just one pretend memory. There are so many things I can't ask you. What do you do? Who do you work for? Exactly. And it isn't just you who's lying. I put antiperspirant on my forehead so I could find out what's going on in your life.

Hi Sebastian. I thought I had daddy issues.


I lied because I care about you. You lied for a case. And the saddest part about this entire thing is that no one forced you to fake that memory. You did that all on your own. Thanks for the dance.


What are we gonna do if a beast brawl breaks out? Improvise?


Heather. Go to Miami.


You know how I've been trying to tell you something for a while,but you've just been so busy? It's about dad, when he had his accident. Um... we both gave blood. Yours wasn't a match.


Vincent: Catherine. Thank you.
Cat: For what?
Vincent: For giving me another shot.

J.T.: It's just, after everything you two have been through, I don't know if that'll be what she wants.
Vincent: It doesn't matter. Look, I don't want to hurt her and I can't tell her the truth so, just please, check on her.

That relationship that you're remembering? We never lied to each other. I just can't... I can't handle it. I can't live with any more lies. It's too hard.

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