Beauty and the Beast Review: Remembered and Unforgiven

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That relationship that you're remembering? We never lied to each other. I just can't... I can't handle it. I can't live with any more lies. It's too hard.

Oops. There was a bit of a problem with "Liar, Liar." It would appear that Cat doesn't remember her relationship with Vincent any better than he does at this point.

But that's just not true. Does everyone remember what happened last season to the contrary? Let's talk about that and more in this review.

Vincent vs. Cat

We learned a bit more about what Vincent does for Cat's father, and that his closest work was done for another "agent" who was killed by a beast who escaped the Muirfield facility when it was taken down. Then he was hell bent on revenge against his father. Vincent was sent to stop him. As we suspected, Vincent is more or less taking out his own kind, putting him on the same side as Cat and her pals.

Perhaps that's why Bob Reynolds wants Vincent on his team. He probably knows what the two of them have been able to accomplish together and, given time, might want to get them all involved tracking down these rogue beasts. It could happen. Now that Cat knows her dad wasn't her father, she won't be blindsided to learn that Bob Reynolds is.

Bless J.T.'s heart, he knows Cat better than she does herself. She thought she could easily push Vincent out of her life after what happened in "Kidnapped," but J.T. knew she wouldn't be able to, let alone want to. J.T. tried to help by giving Vincent some background on his relationship with Cat, but that blew up in his face when Vincent tried to use it against her.

This is where things kind of fell apart for me.

First of all, Cat used the word relationship more times than I could count, and while it was great to see Vincent being open and receptive to the idea of them pursuing their feelings for one another, they certainly aren't ready to call what they have now a relationship. Once again, Cat is pushing things a bit too hard, too fast.

The irony was that when they were in the field together, working a case like they used to do, Vincent saved her life - and it was that moment that sparked his memories. He lied about remembering something, but she caught on right away. No harm done, really. She was, after all, breaking into his house and using shoe tacks to deceive him, too. 

Cat's rationalization was that she was doing all of that because she cares for him, but it was more than that. She is still a cop and was still working a case. She cares for him, of course, but she was also working a case and trying to prove that Vincent wasn't the one responsible for the murder in that case. 

Vincent was still interested in and worried about Cat before he remember a thing about her. That should count for something, but in Cat's mind, it didn't. 

After she had the talk with Heather about lies destroying relationships, she took everything they talked about and applied it to her situation with Vincent. Her relationship with Vincent. And that's when she told him what he did remember wasn't real, because they never lied to each other. Perhaps she has forgotten a pretty red head named Alex. I remember her and I also remember fans everywhere calling foul for Vincent's behavior.

In "Seeing Red" Vincent lied to both Cat and Alex about his relationship with each of them. THAT was the first time he lied to Cat, and he kept up the lie longer than we liked. That was the tenth episode of Beauty and the Beast Season 1, so they weren't just finding their footing. It ended their relationship, if I recall correctly, in exactly the same spot as Cat closed the window tonight.

But, Cat forgave Vincent. She understood that he needed to revisit his past to be able to move forward with her because he had been gone for so long. Yet his memory has been wiped clean and she can't give him the benefit of the doubt now? Lying to somebody you don't know is much easier than someone you do.

I still think Cat is living under a delusion about what Vincent has been through in the months he's been gone. I hope when it comes out that it's really deep and dark and she gets a clear picture of what they stole from him. What her father stole from them both. Because her father stole her love from Vincent, and that's just for starters.

The time to close the window wasn't when he finally remembered; that was the time to open it up and forgive his indiscretions, including tossing her across the roof and lying about the memory. It was a time to build upon that progress - am I right?

Outside what drove me nuts, I really enjoyed Tess and Gabe as they interacted, and I wish J.T. had more time with them. I also hate to say it, but I'm not sorry to see Heather go. Fly safely, Heather. Buh bye!

What did you think about what went down tonight? Were you as surprised as I was that Cat forgot all about the glaring lie Vincent told her when he was in love with her and was unable to overlook the one he told while he didn't even remember her?


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This season has proven to be consistant with the writing. I am of two minds currently about Catherine. I understand in a way why Cat feels the way she does and why she had to step back and away from Vincent for now. The emotional toll it has taken on Cat has reached its saturation point for now. She needs to step away from Vincent and get a handle on her own life. I jsut wish she had handled the last scene with Vincent differently. She should've said now is not a good time. And said then she was tired of everything..... So, I am left wondering.... is Gabe interested in Cat or is he sort of flirting with Tess? He is too fine to be alone..... Finally, the writers better be super carefull about the Tori character. It may turn viewers off if they pull a stunt like the idiot "Red" storyline. What we all want to see is the progression of the sexy, hot love story that is VinCat. This is what is the focus of the story.


I agree with the review. I thought it self righteous of Cat not to forgive Vincent, afterall she has spent 3 months looking for her one true love and knowing what little she does know of this new Vincent which is a lot, is enough to make allowances for him. I am hoping she will come to her senses and get with the program.


Cat should chill. Then, if things go right and big V. can trust her they can team up and work together to fight evil.


Well it's hard to get to know someone when the terms are don't ask don't tell


Mmmm I believe Gabe has a hidden agenda, I dont buy that if Vicent help him he will do anything for Vincent to have Catherine again, like the promo for next episode says. Can anyone confirm this or read this somewhere? I just read on a B&B fan site that there is a rumor one of the characters is getting killed off. Could this be true? I hope not. If it has to be someone then Gabe should go. JT and Tess impossible!! But I think it may be true as it says someone dearly will die in the midseason finale.


Exactly CC I want that too for Vincent and Catherien to get to know each other again and fall in love again cause this new Vincent has now another mission, he is facing different challenges it is not just Murfield but now there are other things, especially he will have to deal with Catherine father, so Vicent cant be the same guy she once met. He is not the same guy who had to hide, now he is in public so he has to act differently. Vincent is a new person, she has to fall in love with this new person and stop beign so pushy just because he does nto remember her. That is Catherine current frustration, she does not care if he does not remember JT, his best friend or Tess or Gabe, she wants him to remember only her, she is being very selfish.


So it wasn't just me. Everyone seems to agree that Cat "no more lies" speech was a little unfair once she lied to him too. I finished this episode really angry because this episode had everything to be a good one. Besides I would love to see Cat and Vincent getting to know each other all over again, because he is a new person too. And I love his new him.


Cont.. I agree with Danna here, Catherine is jsut furstrated he does nto remember her, it is like Tess says it is all about "her bf" but what about what really happen to Vicent in those 3 mos. Catherine instead of bring the past back, she has to work with the new Vincent and bring him back and not pushing him cause she wants everything to remain the same as in the past, but she has to take a reality check, It is not the same thing. Vincent is different so she has to work on her relationship with him with this new Vincent. She didn't find the same Vincent, so until he remebers she shouldn't expect the same kind of devotion from him as before.


I just watched the episode. It was good but Catherien is getting on my nerves. I mean I know she is suffering cause she wants to find out desesperately what is going on with this new Vincent and she wants him to remember her and the relationship they both had, but she is being too pushy. I mean let Vincent remember her and their relationship little by little, Im sure he will come around eventually but on his terms not on her terms. They both lied so what? Why she is angry at him for lying, she also did the same to him. I mean she cant accept Vincent lying to her but he has to accept she lied to him? If she gives Vincent time im sure he will remember everything not only her but JT as well and it is not only about her is about Vicent surroundings. Cont..


normally when i watch this show i see kristin kreuk as her character cathrene but the scene at the end when she was talking about him lying, all i saw was lana lang, since apart from half a dozen episodes across 10 seasons that was pretty much all clark and lana's relationship consisted off, so i really hope they dont go down that route and they get back together soon.

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That relationship that you're remembering? We never lied to each other. I just can't... I can't handle it. I can't live with any more lies. It's too hard.


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