Evan: I heard flesh ripping, not just being severed, but being ripped apart, Catherine. I swear it was some kind of....
Cat: Evan, I'm not questioning what you went through. It's just...I know how easy it is to see the beast when there is none.

Apparently your apprenticeship is at an end.


The killer that you after...it might be me.


Is that a saddle shoe? I didn't know they had come back into style.


Making out in the bushes just isn't what it used to be.


Vincent, it never even occurred to me that you didn't know you weren't the best thing in my life right now.


Careful, last time I made plans with Catherine I ended up in a bordello.


Look at the way he captured her. The curve of her back, the softness of her skin. He spent every waking moment painting her. She was in every brushstroke.


I have to admit, this is the best look of suspects I've ever seen.


I thought I'd order the lobster and wear a bib. Properly mortify you in front of your father.


I was reading into our connection like it was fate or destiny that brought us together. Truth is, you saved other people, not just me. We should stick to working on cases. That's what we are.


That makes me sound like a stalker. I've been appropriately conversing about you.


Beauty and the Beast Quotes

Love makes you do crazy things.


Vincent: I was kind of hoping for someplace a little bit more...romantic. Someplace my girlfriend would want to come visit me.
Cat: Trust me, your girlfriend will visit you wherever you live.