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That arm in there? I want to eat that.


Josh: This is my fault. I'm in this. I brought you all back and now I have to deal with the consequences. And the pain. Stevie's in too much pain, Sally.
Sally: This isn't right. This is not who you are.
Josh: It's exactly who I am now.

I'll tell you what he's telling us. That he cannibalized his parents and that he killed and ate a United States postal worker.


There is an arm. In your house! In the breadbox! There's an arm!


Stevie: I tried living on the street. It didn't take too long until I got scared. Then I remembered the lake house.
Sally: Keanu?
Josh: Sandy?
Stevie: What?
Sally: Nothing. Go on.
Josh: Nothing, just continue.

Josh. Oh my God.
Sally: Are you okay?
Josh: Yeah. It's just...I just can't believe how unremarkable it's become to dispose of a body.

And stay away from Sally. She will kill you, even if she doesn't think she will.


I'm just not sure this is me. Meditating. Looking for my inner...insides. I was never a be-the-ball kind of guy.


Sally: I think you're backed up.
Aidan: Backed up?
Sally: Sexually. When was the last time you broke off a piece for yourself?

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