Being Human

Mondays 9:00 PM on SyFy
Being human
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Or maybe the four of us, supernaturally cursed as we were, moved into this house for one sole purpose. To bring you down.


I'm afraid to die, Josh! I'm afraid to die!


This is crazy. I've seen it, but never quite experienced the anxiety of worrying about a test result.


Nora: Although it would be just like Sally to do something epic right now and rip her way out of your chest.
Aidan: Oh my God that would be awesome.
Josh: I would love that so much.

I want you to have the life you deserve. I love you.


I can feel my heart beat!


I'm not just in this house, Sally; I am this house.


Sally: Aidan, are you asking me to move in with you?
Aidan: Technically, I think I'm asking you to haunt me.

What happens next is that we're moving into my apartment. Together.


I am the wolf and you are me. We're together through everything but it's my life until the moon is full.


Confrontation is standing up, looking something in the eye and being honest.


Kenny, this isn't the stuff that a 17-year old should be experiencing. This isn't the life that you were supposed to have. So you should leave all of this behind and go.

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Being Human Season 4 Quotes

Nora: You really need to take a shower.
Aidan: Oh, you bet I do.

Some people go to England for their honeymoon. I bait my husband with a goat.