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Barb: We're not holy. We're all unholy.
Bill: No. That is absolutely untrue.

Alby: How dare you come between a priesthood holder and his wife and children.
Bill: You're not worthy to be anyone's priesthood holder.

(to Barb) Your anger is between you and you.


I lied about my age. I wasn't 18 when we got married I was 16.


(to Bill) What's going to happen to you? I'm not going to shoot someone.


(about Bill) He got me a scale. When I was pregnant.


She's in need, and we're gonna help.


Let me help you. I am strong Bill. Let me shoulder some of the burden.


Margene: I'm uncomfortable.
Barb: We all are Margene.

Honestly Barb, any chance to stir the pot.


Everything is great. We're just having a lot of problems.

Margene's neighbor

Round up all the dogs, poison them.

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Big Love Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

If you can't learn to please me, your future is not right.


There's a whole new face of polygamy.