Big Love Review: "Certain Poor Shepards"

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Although there were many shocking situations that went down on this week's episode, "Certain Poor Shepards," nothing was more surprising than finding out that Margene was only 16 when she married Bill, Barb, and Nikki.

Whoa! Who saw that one coming? I knew that Margene didn't want to show Bill her driver's license because of something to do with her past, but being a teenager when they got married was not something I expected to find out.

Christmas on Big Love

I net Alby discovers this secret first, which would be a major problem for Bill. Speaking of Alby, how scary has he become?

Like Laura said, something inside him has changed. He no longer has a care for anything or anyone but himself. I really thought that Laura would not have stood up to him. When Alby came to pick her up, I thought that she would have left obediently, but it turned out that she is a lot stronger than I gave her credit for.

Now that Bill put himself in the middle of Alby's relationship with Laura, I am sure Alby will seek vengeance for it. Really, like there wasn't enough heated circumstances between these two already.

It is really sad that Lois is coming down with some sort of dementia. One minute she's her usual old self, and the next, she's screaming into a fast food intercom demanding for Santa Claus. Why was she able to get as far away from the house as she did? Where in the world were the other adults? And goodness, why hasn't Frank shown his face at all this season? Where is the crazy old man?

Carolynn uncovered that her father is dead. Nikki tried for the longest time to keep it from her, but now that the truth is out there, Nikki wants her to acknowledge the real evil man her father was. I was surprised that Carolynn seemed to accept this news as well as she did.

Did anyone else get weird vibes from Carolynn's teacher? I really hope that the writers don't use this as another avenue for shock factor and put these two in some sort of unhealthy romantic relationship. I really like Carolynn with the young sweet boy who seemed to have the very best intentions. What do you think?

We didn't get any Christmas cameo from Sarah, but it was nice to see Heather back. She looked great. New hair, new attitude, and could there be a new love sprouting between her and Ben? That would be something I'd like to see.

Barb still has not been able to come to grips with what is happening in her life. This has to be the reason for her drinking. She told the family that she believed that they are all leading unholy lives. However, Bill tried to get her to see that they aren't doing anything wrong.

Poor Bill, he can't get a break! Even during the holidays, nothing in his life is working out. He even has a minor breakdown asking the heavenly father why he and his family have to go through so many hurdles. All he wants is to be able to live his life in public and not be ashamed for who he is and what he believes in.

The episode ends with the entire family creating the holy manger scene. No one looks happy to be there, while car after car drives by taking pictures of the spectacle. What did everyone else think of the episode?


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Wow Big Love is just going crazy! Poor Bill, all he wishes for is to be normal and live a normal life with 3 wives.


Why do I btoehr calling up people when I can just read this!


or possibly "bear" witness


Did anyone notice how they made Alby's hair look like those sister-wives', prairie women's hair, with the big(grotesque)bouffant updo? I'm sure that was a dramatic effect.


Well. Too many threads. I completely thought Cara Lynn's teacher truly loved her & that Nicki was only projecting. Then this thing with Ben was all up in the air. Disgusting idea that he'd be sucked in by Rhonda. I'm so unsatisfied. And what the heck? David Chase killed off Tony Soprano and what's the solution for "Big Love"? Oh! Killing off Bill! I don't think I'll ever watch another David Chase series. It is SO TOTALLY F**KED up. I could've written at least six better other endings. :(


@sad1970 the problem about Marge's age isn't just about the law. Bill and the wives are trying to show to the people that they are like any other normal american family, that they aren't like the creeps from the compounds. if they found out that Marge was 16 when she got sealed to Bill, Bill will be in people's eyes just another Roman Grant from season 3, a creepy old man who "rapes" underage girls, and the whole Bill's plan will be wasted.


The really sad part is the legal consent age for females in Utah is 16 and 18 for males. You would think a show like this would get some facts correct. So Margene was of legal age in Utah problem solved this show is going down hill.


I loved it! One of the best episodes of the entire series really! Very depressing though. I love all of the storylines! Just too GREAT!!! So many things happened in this one episode! With one crazy thing happening after another I couldn't even wrap my head around some of it, I had to watch it twice! I love this season!!!


Shannon-you DO realize that if the writers wrote what the audience dictated-the show would be horrible. Perhaps Bill shouldn't be in politics-but to say that the writers aren't doing a good job because YOU don't like Bill's choices....well, it is kind of silly. Ofcourse Bill shouldn't be in politics-part of the reason we watch this show is to bare witness to the ego of the human condition-that is what provokes emotion. It clearly works.... This season has been nothing short of brilliant thus far....I'm so glad the writers aren't going to dummy the show down in order to please the moronic American public-


I found this episode really depressing. I really hate the story lines and how they're developing. Bill should drop out of politics because it's a losing proposition. Besides, he's got way too much on his plate without adding politics to his plate. Barb definitely has issues but I'm hating that story line. She's always been the level headed one, the "fixer". Now she's falling apart and becoming obnoxious. Who will step in to fill her role within the family? Nikki can't be trusted; Margene has really blown it by having lied about her age. And what's with her mother allowing her to do that? When Bill insisted the guns were a good idea "in case I'm not around" makes me wonder if they're planning on another heart attack for him or some other way to kill him off at the end? In general, I don't think this season is nearly as good as some of the ones in the past and I'm afraid I won't like the way they wrap up the show. I can't stand Albie; never have. That actor does an excellent job of making his character one of the creepiest men I've seen on TV in a long time. I realize that he's evil but ordering all the dogs to be killed? I think that took things a little too far. Watching Bill's mom at the drive thru was heartbreaking for me personally. I've had to watch and care for my grandmother when she had dementia so I really related to that scene.

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