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(to Barb) What you're asking? How can you ask that? How can you do that?

Barb's mother

(to Barb) I will not have my daughter defile her body the way yours did.


Nikki the only thing Caroline needs protection against is you.


It's not personal Bill, it's just politics.


Bill Hendrickson, you are a liar. You are a liar because you lie.


(to Nikki) Sometimes we have to walk from the past and sometimes we have to embrace it. Heaven help us know the difference.


Hope it's the right thing Nikki.


No Ana, I just want what's best for you.


Barb: Marge, do you like a blessing?
Margene: Blessing?
Barb: Yeah, just a small one. But, sometimes we ache in only ways our heavenly father could help us with.

Bill: I don't want you drinking in front of the children.
Barbara: You're not gonna shame me and turn me into a closet drinker.

(about the Jewel song) I love this song! It's so moving. It's so sad, ya know. She's just a girl that wanted to get out.


(to Bill) Want a sandwich? I've got some bread and some...cream cheese.

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Big Love Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

(to her mother) I just need to be with you.


Polygamy is not just a Mormon problem.