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If you're dating me you don't need chemicals.


Your Grandpa Henry ever tell you his theory about the Riley side of the family being emotionally constipated?


You're some piece of work Reagan. High heels and brass knuckles.

District Attorney

Seems you made a deal with the devil. I'm afraid your bill has come due.


I liked you better as my ninja assassin than my guilty conscience.

District Attorney

Yeah, I ran it. Where do you think I was, ordering pizza?


Hey! That better mean 'try the fried rice' or you're coming too.


Danny: What did you tell her, Mom? That all of us cops are stupid and you're such a genius?
Erin: Yeah, basically.

She might as well have taken Dick Reed's hunting knife and stabbed you right in the back.


That's not bad, Harvard. A real Dr. Phil moment.

Sgt. Renzuli

Jackie: What's this
Hugh: It's my website. It's not a crime. It's ironic.
Jackie: Or moronic.

If Mom were still alive she'd tell you that was beyond your skill set.

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Blue Bloods Quotes

Damn internet is a blessing and a curse.


Jack: What exactly did you do in Korea?
Henry: I did what I was told.

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