Walt Finny. Forgotten but not gone.


Grace: We need shock and awe here.
Frank: We need evidence and corroboration.

Anthony: I'd arrest my own mother if I thought she was scamming cops.
Erin: Your own mother?
Anthony: But with lots of backup.

Seems the rats and pigeons are safe and secure for the night. Move on.


Frank: You didn't seem eager to protect me from that reporter.
Garrett: Sometimes I think it's the reporters that need protecting.

Just once I wish the bosses would have talked to us like they gave a hoot and not like they were bucking for an acre on the op-ed page.


Ok, is there anyone here who didn't kill him?


Gangster justice is very efficient and it saves on tax payer dollars.


If somebody's headed to the bottom they're going to get there no matter how many times you put out a net.


Not so fun when they fight back, huh?


At some point in your life you went up the mountain and you came back down with your own tablets of what is and what is not the right thing to do written in stone, which allows for certainty but not always wisdom.


My kingdom for an empty bench where I can devour my cheeseburger.


Blue Bloods Quotes

Only a fool seeks peace by inciting violence.


I got three kids already. I think that's enough.