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Danny: The good son, huh?
Kevin: There's one in every Irish family.
Danny: True.

Jamie: Who sings that?
Renzulli: It's the Red Hot Sushi.
Jamie: Let's keep it that way.

It's like Mayday in Moscow out there.


To dodging bullets.


Jack: What's a greeting card?
Linda: That's something people used to send before e-cards, Honey.

Valentine's Day. Ugh.


Renzulli: But Valentine's Day. That's when I go all out, Kid.
Jamie: What's all out for you Sarge? Two for one Mondays at The Pig & Whistle?

This broad is just a plain wackadoo. Who says she ain't moving this stuff herself?


We will stop at nothing to hunt you down and bring you to justice.

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