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Nucky: How many people have you killed?
Richard: 63
Nucky: You think about any of them?
Richard: You know the answer to that yourself.

Richard: I waited outside his house. I used a shotgun, very close. Nucky: May I ask why?
Richard: Angela Darmody.
Nucky: Not her husband?
Richard: James was a soldier, he fought, he lost.

What the fu-k is life if its not personal?


Gyp: Lose your own flesh and blood, what do you have?
Gillian: You don't have anything.

You think you got friends? It's all dogs with a bone.


Nucky: Hot to trot?
Gyp: Can you blame me? I haven't seen my wife in days. It builds up, not healthy.

Fu-k the ceiling. It's when the cooze starts leakin' you get real problems.


Obviously I offended you in some way but since you're a man who can find an insult in a bouquet of roses, I'm not sure quite how.


Margaret: You said appearances matter.
Nucky: Do you write down everything I say?

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