Tommy, you've got to stop trying to protect me. God knows my clothing can't take the abuse.


I'm a cop. I've got a gun and nobody at home waiting for me.


Plenty of kids grow up in bad situations, they don't all become their fathers.


You so much as look at a suspect I'm going to plant you in an eight foot cell until they take you out in a six foot box.


He's like JFK Jr. but evil.


Ethan: I'm kind of addicted to the True Crime channel.
Megan: Why am I not surprised?

Tommy: You might not want to tempt fate although you obviously want to tempt me.
Megan: In your dreams, Sullivan.

Tommy: You might want to dress down when we go into a bad area.
Megan: Like I'm going to take fashion advice from somebody who owned a Member's Only tuxedo

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