Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Brooklyn nine nine
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Holt: Try to blend in.
Jake: Good idea. I’ll just age myself 60 years, become Chinese and female.

No waiting, just toasting. I want you to toast, now I wanna eat toast, gimme some toast!


I’m sorry – I just get so emotional when I talk about how bogus Thanksgiving is


Holt at your house, surrounded by these idiots? Guaranteed train-wreck. Thanks for the invite.


Can we please eat?! My body is starting to digest itself. Terry needs nutrients!


It looks like you live on the set of Murder, She Wrote.


Gina: Oh my God, Amy that’s so cool that you still live with your grandmother.
Amy: I live alone! This is my stuff. I like quilts.
Gina: Stop...each sentence is getting sadder.

Did you make the cover of “Hair-Pulled-Back Magazine?”


Yeah, but that was before I knew I could get up on this high horse. Love the view up here. Clip clop!


Hey there criminal! It’s me, Johnny Law.

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