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Don't think of it as robbery, think of it as sharing at gun point.


Pleasure doing business with you son's-a-bitches, see ya later.


Sam: Don't panic, Jesse and I are here to protect you.
Oswald: And what if he kills you too?
Sam: Oh, if that happens, go ahead and panic.

Oswald: Do any of friends smile?
Michael: Yes.

Anson: And remember, I know more about you than your favorite drinks. Cheers!
Sam: It's official, he's a dick.

Sam: They're not going to let you smoke in there Maddie.
Madeline: Fine. If I can't smoke, you can't drink my beer.

The only time we spend time together is when we are questing in World of Warcraft!


Michael: Oswald, you can't keep lying to me.
Oswald: I'm not talking. Unstoppable force meet immovable object.

Oswald: I can't swim with my hands tied.
Michael: You're not going to swim [puts life vest on] You're going to float.

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