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It's you two; it's black George Clooney and the guy with the chin.


Sam: When we get the new names, mine is Chuck Finley. It's non-negotiable.
Calvin: You got it Chuck.

Jesse: Why don't you run your business from here?
Calvin: Oh so suddenly you're an expert on run my business Sinead O'hansome?

Mr. Schmidt, there are at least a half a dozen things in here I could use to blow you into little bitty pieces. I would use the dust to powder my nose.


I can smuggle the Queen of English wearing the crown jewels as a bikini past border security without batting an eye.


I don't have a desperate tale of woe, but I do have 3 very well armed friends.


Sam: I just came by because I need a little favor.
Dixon: None of your favors are little.

Listen sister. If I'm going to be living in a hut in the Dominic Republic, I at least need a decent bottle of Scotch.

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