Burn Notice Review: Choices We Make

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Choices have consequences. It's a basic tenant of life.

This week on Burn Notice, "Down & Out" showed how Michael’s decision to shoot card and go on the run has profoundly affected Sam’s life; specifically, leaving Elsa to the CIA so he could make a run for it with Michael.

I feel horrible for Sam. It seems like we just met Elsa and it was very clear how much he’s really in love with her. Sam may have even figured that out at the end, as he is considering NOT leaving with with his after all. The problem is that even if he stayed, he’s wanted by the CIA nearly as much as Michael.

I was actually surprised that he didn't ask her to go with them. Hell, I’m more surprised that Fiona or Jesse didn't suggest it. After all, it sounded like they were leaving forever. Why wouldn't you want to take the person you love with you? 

Michael Helps a Smuggler

Okay, before you start flaming me how Elsa would hate Sam for turning her life upside down or provide other reasons he shouldn't take her with him, keep in mind that Burn Notice is about Michael in Miami, he’s not leaving either. Oh, he's planning on leaving and he’s left for a few days here and there; there is just no way he can depart for good. Fate won't let him. 

Case in point: he did manage to find the single most whiniest smuggler in Miami in the form of Calvin Schmidt (Patton Oswalt) and make a progress at leaving. But, as things always work out for Michael and the game, Schmidt needed Michael's services before he could help him exit the country. To be fair, I actually liked Schmidt, Oswalt’s comedic timing made him nearly as much fun as Sugar is. 

Honestly, I have no idea how Matt Nix is going to stop Michael’s slide into the darkest place we've ever seen him in; much less get him back on the side of "the good guys" where he can help people out each week. 

It just seems like every choice Michael has is not a solid one. Madeline is being cut off from him, all his contacts are gone and he’s down to just four of them. Of course, that number maybe dropping by one as well. 

I guess we will learn more next week. Overall, it was a good episode with Riley being just as smart as I said she was last Thursday, so I’m giving this episode 4.5 broken hearts for Sam and Elsa.

Here’s hoping things can be fixed. 


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Best line ever: "Sinead O'Handsome" most looked an improvised line due to the reaction it got! Patton is so quick on his feet- knew him in college and he could spout one- liners at lightning speed!


So far I'm really loving this season. I really don't think any of the group would have told Sam to take Elsa along because, come on now, this isn't just a get up and move somewhere kind of thing. Elsa would have to completely lose her identity, her past, her career, everything. Doesn't she have a son? He would have to lose everything as well. It's hard enough on anyone to go into hiding or some type of witness protection plan. It's essentially a 'burn notice' to who they once were. It really is A LOT to ask of someone. I don't see Michael and friends leaving Miami anytime soon. Despite his need to get the heck outta dodge, the CIA going after his mother and close contacts is a little 'too close to home'. Michael always striked me as the kind of person that if he made a mess of things, he'd take responsibility to try and find SOME way of fixing it. Usually brings more problems, but he's a spy. His life isn't meant to be easy.


I am not sure I like this season. I remember when Burn Notice used to be fun. I don't know how much longer I can watch.


Calvin Schmidt (Patton Oswalt) was the highlight of Burn Notice for me this week. I've loved him since his days on King of Queens. Good client story line. I'm very curious how Michael Weston is going to get out of this situation. Riley is all over him, his family and any close contacts. I also feel sorry for Sam - appears he is going to lose Elsa while Mike still has Fiona - not fair. Next week looks interesting and like it will provide more answers.


It will be interesting to see where this will end up. I'm sure there's not many more episodes left in this season..... Looks like next week Maddie will be in the line of fire.....will this send Michael over the edge?

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