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Riley: I'll never stop Westin. I'll hunt you down till the ends of the Earth if I have too.
Michael: Then I'll see you there.

Michael: I didn't betray my country. I was trying to protect it.
Riley: Now that I know your side of the story, I want you to know. I. Don't. Care.

They got all the King's horses and all the Kings men surrounding that hotel.


Well I thought we were screwed seven ways to Sunday. But you can go ahead and make it eight and nine.


Michael: If I can take out the guard
Sam: Wait, whoa.
Michael: I'm not going to kill him Sam
Sam: You sure about that, last time I let you out of my sight..
Michael: I can get us out of here. You can either kick my ass or you can hear my plan. But you can't do both.

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