Burn Notice Review: Some Spy That I Used To Know

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Picking up seconds after the ending of last week’s return, we hit the ground running on Burn Notice, with Sam confronting Michael about shooting Card. 

I have a new respect for Sam Axe. I've known that Sam has been Michael’s substitute conscious at times, helping him use his powers for good instead of evil. What I wasn't expecting was how personal Sam was going to take Michael’s slip to the dark side.

Even when he felt that Michael had gone "Over the Line" he stood by his friend and tried to lead Olivia Riley on a goose chase. Thankfully, Michael has just as much dedication to Sam and didn't let him. 

Olivia Works Sam

Speaking of Riley, she is both the smartest CIA agent Michael has interacted with and the most heartless. Sure, Card tried to have Michael killed, but down deep he cared about him. Riley makes Card and Anson appear of warm and fuzzy given how she made it very clear that she couldn't give a rat's ass about Michael, Fiona, Jesse or Sam. Look no further than our Burn Notice quotes section for strong examples. 

Her brains combined with that attitude are going to mean very bad things for our favorite burned spy. 

Oh, and let’s be clear: Michael is not only burned again, he actually burned himself this time. Six years ago he was setup for crimes he didn't commit and since was able to clear his name. Here, he killed his CIA mentor after he put his weapon away. I don’t see how he is going to clear his name this time around.

At least Madeline and he have made up, a little. It was great that she went into “spy mom” mode and took notes on what the agent and cop were talking about for him. Sharon Gless has done such an amazing job portraying the pain, anger and near rage of a grieving parent. When I spoke to Jeffrey Donovan last week he took time to mention how amazing she was to work with.

So the big question now is: What's next? With Senior Agent Riley on his tail, things are not going to be easy for Michael and company. I suspect that life is going to get bleaker in Miami, but we have to remember it is always darkest before its dawn. Or so goes the over used cliche saying, right? 


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Love this show.
(Does anyone know/has it been said if this is the final season?) I can't believe the group hasn't made plans to take Maddy with them!
Watching what is happening with and *between* Sam and Micheal is killing me; it's so good and yet so sad at the same time. I feel horribly sorry for Tyler. (partially b/c I love Kenny Johnson and have never gotten over what Shane did to him on The Shield :/ )
But the manner in which Tyler stood there and took the tongue lashing from Maddy?!
Wow. Sharon Gless blows me away.


Anybody know where Madelyn is going? I hope she isn't leaving the show, I like her character. And for the love of Mike, please right some more for Jesse he feels like an accessory and never part of the ensemble. I do love the way Michael and Fiona have cemented their relationship!


What I do not understand are the BN "fans" who keep saying they hope the show ends for whatever reason. If you feel that way then its an easy fix, i.e. don't watch the show, read a book, etc. Granted Mike was doing what spies do-twist the truth-but why did he say that Card was using Anson? My recollection was that Anson knew about some illegal ops Card was running and was probably using that for blackmail leverage. Anybody remember any different? Also if Mike was going to shoot Card then why wait until Card put his gun away? Or better yet why not squeeze off a couple post facto rounds the way Card did to cover his tracks? Finally did anyone feel sorry for Tyler Gray? Here is a pawn that was fed lies by Card and gets killed -after feeling Maddie's wrath- in large measure by the guy whose life he saved in Panama. He deserved better.


I think the team getting Sam back was a little to easy......I don't think a real team of agents would have just surrendered and caved like that. Looks like a life on the run for Fi, Michael, Sam and Jesse....but how will it end? I'm betting Michael will try and find evidence to prove what he was telling Riley was true...... It's going to be interesting to see the direction the show takes this story.............


I liked Riley up to the point when she said she didn't care about the truth. BN is awesome but it's run too long. "When all the doors are covered, make your own" :D


This show has to go down in history as being the absolute best spy drama ever. Each episode is filled with all of the elements that make a show great. I hope it goes on for years because it certainly has not lost any of its original enjoyment. "Michael Westen" has become a legend!


Not a fan of her character, shes a little too smart, makes every other cop on the entire show seem like a complete retard.

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