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Jesse: Before I let you in on this I need to tell you something. I am seeing this through. The old bosses will let me back in one day, and then I am going to find who burned me and kill them. Are you good with that?
Michael: Yeah, I am good with that.

Michael: I thought you wanted to rent the garage to someone nice who owned a cat?
Madeline: "Nice is overrated, and besides, I forgot how much I hate cats.

Sam: Turns out you were access the files of a counter intelligence agent named Jessie Porter
Michael: Are they prosecuting him?
Sam: Doesn't look like it, they would have to declassify the files. They are black list the guy. Mike you just burned a spy.

Michael: When I caught Simon he laughed. He said it was just a matter of time until I was just like him.
Madeline [comforting Michael]: He's wrong honey, that isn't the son I raised.

You should keep that Michael guy around, you guys make a pretty good team.

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