Burn Notice Season Finale Review: Many Exciting Returns

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Old enemies were laid to rest and new friends were made on this week’s explosive Burn Notice season finale, which featured a pair of episodes: "Out of the Fire" and "Last Stand."

Leading the list of returnees was Larry, who is so well played by Tim Matheson. There was also Congressman Kelly, who remembered Madeline very well. And finally, of course, we had Brennan, the closest thing Michael has to a true arch nemesis.

Jay Karnes on Burn Notice

The first hour was spent with Michael dealing with Larry and Brennan. A decent episode overall, it felt like filler. As if Matt Nix needed 18 episodes and ran just a tad short on stories.

There was only one significant development: Larry killed Brennan. I don’t think anyone will miss him. While mildly amusing, he was really a one-trick pony, always giving off the air that he was six steps ahead of everyone else.

Meanwhile, I love Matheson as Larry. He really is one version of what Michael could become, a “future-self” for Michael to use as a guide.

The last conversation between Michael and Larry - where the former points out that he would gladly die for the right reason, while there was nothing on earth Larry would die for - was very powerful.

Speaking of powerful, the second hour of this finale completely made up for the thin first. My wife actually looked over at me during a commercial and said “If they kill someone off, I am done with this show.” While the threat was silly, it prove how tense the situation had become. We knew Michael and Fiona were going to be okay, but we had no idea on Jesse.

Burn Notice Finale Scene

The most moving line was Fiona choosing the phrase “I belong out there with him, for better or worse.”

When her and Michael are in the cabana, you could see how much they care for each other and love each other. I am very interested to see where that goes next season.

Thank goodness everyone survived, but I'm appropriately aghast at the cliff-hanger ending with Michael in DC, apparently back as a spy. Between that truncated reunion and heart-stopping developments, such as Vaughn hitting Madeline in the back of the head, we were treated to an exciting hour. Bravo, Mr. Nix, bravo. Way to end the season.

Burn Notice will be back this summer with season five and we'll find out if Michael if truly no longer burned. Join us at TV Fanatic for all the action.


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Please don't take one of the best shows on TV off the air. Every time a good show comes on TV,
They get you hooked then pull the plug. It's disgusting. Everyone who cares about good shows, please write a response to the network to keep these shows going!


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Max terlecki season finale. Having the time of his life with the cast! Keep him on for next season ! He'll make you never for a second regret your chose, he's awesome, a star, and a really great human being .give him a chance


ps-not much makes me laugh especially comedies but the one liners in Burn Notice just crack me up; when Michael told Sam after breaking into his apt. "so this is your love nest" and with Psych my knees were giving way the day after watching a sequel the night before. Most comedy is just too silly; it is either sarcasm or just not funny but Michael can crack me up and Shawn and Gus are just too much. Love it.


love this show and the whole cast. I hope they continue it forever with Michael in the CIA again. He needs to marry Fiona. I know; as a 65 yr old Texas woman I sound silly; don't care; there is not much on tv but garbage and i love this show. Only get reruns of everything with an aerial antenna and it is worth it to miss the junk and get this; love Psych, Monk; wish Monk would continue after finding you killed Trudy; thank God i didn't have to watch 7 yrs to find that out. Psych, Monk, Burn Notice, if they put you all off the air please get together to keep good tv shows going.


Who was the CIA guy at the end that Michael said "You" to?


I actually will miss Brennan; I enjoy a villian with snappy dialogue. And I'm glad it looks like they may be shaking up the status quo, with the possiblity of Michael back in the CIA--they did that when they added Jesse, and I liked how that worked out


Awesome finale. I get the feeling that Michael's burning was an operation/test/mission and Michael just passed/completed it.


great season finale, the only problem now is to have to wait till the summer for the new season! I caught this show only in the 4th season. Until the new episodes are ready in the summer I can catch up on the older ones. Burn Notice is awesome !!


All I can say it what a 2 hours!!! Enjoyed EVERY minute!! Second hour I had tears in my eyes, especially with Mike and Fi. Bravo to all of the Burn Notice crew for delevering such a great ending. Can't wait till June--especially since BN is the only show I watch.

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