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Castle: Let me guess, you were one of those annoying six-year-olds who didn't believe in Santa Claus because you figured he couldn't travel faster than the speed of light?
Beckett: I was three, and we didn't have a chimney.

Castle:My middle name is Alexander.
Beckett:I thought your middle name was Edgar.
Castle:Been perusing the personal section of the Richard Castle fan site have we? No I changed my middle name to Edgar the same time I changed my last name to Castle. My given name is Richard Alexander Rogers. What a coincidence huh.

Casillas thats a good name. Hard to pluralize though. The Casillas's car has broken down so they will be late for the symphony.


Beckett: Why is it so important to you that I believe all this stuff about fates, psychics, and Santa Claus?
Castle: Because, if you don't even believe in the possibility of magic, you will never ever find it.

Castle: He is wearing all black.
Beckett: It has to be a coincidence.
Castle: Or black is the new guilty.

The thrill with Gina was long, long, gone. Now it's back with a vengeance. Of course, it brought along its friends "high-maintenance" and "shopaholic."


Beckett: My gut say's it's not him, but we need to check his alibi.
Castle: Oh, so you don't believe in fate, but your *gut* has magical properties.

Castle: Surrounded my skeptics.
Esposito: Called being a cop bro.

Don't you believe in fate? Soul-mates? Unicorns? Faeries? Double-Rainbows?

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