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Beckett:I remember that phase, that's about the time that I got my tattoo.
Castle:You have a tattoo... *stutters*... Where?

Ryan:Congratulations Pete your our drunkest murder suspect this year and that includes St. Patrick's Day.
Pete:(drunk)What did I win
Esposito:Well that depends on you Pete.
Pete:You know my name and did you just say murder.

Don't ruin my story with your logic.

Castle to Beckett

Did I say cool? Make that awesome. Perfect place for a murder.


You used to be so cute, Castle!


Undercover. I like it. You might want to pop another button just in case.

Castle [to Kate]

So an ex gambler dumps his life savings on an ex con/ex bookmaker and ends up ex'd out.


He's an incredibly dedicated zombie.


We better close the beaches. No boating accident, Chief Brody, Hooper. Seriously?

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