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Castle:you called to seek my council.
Beckett:I wouldn't say it quite like that.
Castle:no no no you were hoping I would have some wild theory, some sort of penetrating insight that would lead us to a breakthrough.
Beckett:Well... do you?
Castle:.... na I got nothin

But the evening wasn't a total loss. After we found the treasure she did give me a sweaty hug.


Hispanic and cocky ya you would definitely be the first to go.


It is making me doubt my own genius.


I was drowning and you were dry land.

Beckett [to Royce]

You guys, I think I know what this is. Its a treasure map!!


You got a bromance going on, Castle?


I wasn't running away, I was jogging.

Random Pierce

I don't think you can handle the sight of me straddling it in tight black leather.

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