Billy swears he turned it off.


51 saved my life, man.


Hold up, you let her borrow your car? You don't even let me look at your car!


Jimmy: What am I supposed to do, psychically predict when we're going to be on lock down?
Dawson: I swear, if we run out of food I am eating you first.

Severide: Hey don’t even think about it. You’re in good hands. I’m on a total hot streak. I just won $1000 in Vegas two weeks ago.
Pilot: Blackjack or dice?
Severide: Rollin’ the bones baby!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, dark skies don’t always mean rain.


To Gaby Dawson! Welcome to Truck 81 baby!!


Anything you two wanna tell me?


Chicago Med can't track down a next of kin for the Chaplin.


I know that I know it. I'm making sure you do.


Bitch, are you out of your mind.


Freddie: You want me dead for what I did.
Cruz: Freddie, I am mad as hell, yeah, but I do not want you dead.