I'm a firefighter, OK. And if I'm not that, then what am I?


Stay with me. Stay with me.


Make no mistake, I’m going to shut down 51, and when I’m done doing that I’m gonna bury you.


Casey, do not get drawn back into this.


You think I cant look after my daughter?


A lot's changed at 51 since losing Shay. We've welcomed in some new friends. Got a new rig and a dream of mine came true, but here's what hasn't changed, this house. This family. It's all as strong as it ever was. Even stronger because I think deep down in the quiet moments we think to our self Shay would want us to be better. She'd want us to represent her everytime we go out. You had an amazing sister Megan and I am so lucky to have been her friend.


I was trying to protect her. I didn't think she could handle the stress of the job. I was only trying to protect her. Instead...

Chief Jones

51 saved my life, man.


Hermann: I guess they were tryin' to cut across from Michigan, but they had to know we were on Wabash, right?
Severide: Either way, they gotta slow down and have a look. Everyone knows that.
Newhouse: Unless they had the green.

It’s my job as an old firefighter to teach the young firefighters how to become old ones.


Brett: What happened to the mustache? I loved the mustache.
Dawson: Oops.

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Mouch: You go to church or something?
Cruz: Sometimes you gotta believe brother!

Chicago Fire Quotes

My parents still ask about you.


Otis: Let's do this. Good-bye friend zone. Hello, end zone!
Dawson: That doesn't make any sense.
Otis: It's like a sports metaphor...for sex.
Dawson: That's why you're not getting any.