Let me be a spy. Let me out of the car. I'm ready.

Chuck: Listen, I'm an integral member of this team and my voice needs to be heard.
Casey: Your pre-pubescent girl screams are going to be duly noted.

I should tell you, I'm always right. It's annoying, but it's true.


Don't you worry. I will have that key back before they serve the lobster. And by the way, I am quite looking forward to it.

Morgan: How do you do that? You command respect.
Casey: No, I take it.

Shaw: Is Chuck Bartwoski a real spy?
Sarah: Yes, of coruse he is. I mean his training has been irregular and he was a civilian only two years ago.
Shaw: These mission reports tell another story. Sometimes he sounds like Bond, other times it's like a Jerry Lewis movie.

Jeff: Your coffee sir.
Morgan: Jeffery, thank you so much. [takes a niff] Mmm hmm. You know, call me old fashioned, but I prefer cream over laxative.

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