I'd rather love Sarah than have the intersect, now let me up!

Greta: The only question is, do you wanna die with your wig on or off?
Lester: Are you talking about my hair?

Chuck: It's what I do, I'm a spy.
Sarah: No Chuck, you're not!

I'm preparing myself psychologically, in case I get sent back to Iraq or Afghanistan. I got soft, I made friends here.


Jim: ...better known as the Belgian.
Chuck: Hmmm, I bet I know how he likes his waffles.
Jim: Belgian! Yes, I like your humor.

Chuck: You sure I don't need a disguise?
Jim: Someone could recognize you as CIA, come after you with a knife. That would be great!

Jeff: Black forest ham on honey oat with chipotle sauce, banana peppers, and jalapenos?
Lester: See? No Buy More employee eats that sophisticated.

Lester: That new Greta just disappeared into thin air.
Jeff: I've seen her do that before. I thought it was just in my head. She also has a tail.
Lester: Yeah, that is in your head.

Well executed... and you smell delightfully of grapefruit.

Jim [to Sarah]
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