Chuck: I also had an idea for what I'm going to do. I was thinking maybe Eurorail through Europe, y'know, backpacking, that kind of thing.
Ellie: That sounds--
Devon: Awesome. Remind me to tell you about Amsterdam, my man...he he he (Ellie glares at him) Lovely city, lot of canals.

Colt: Hello again, Chuck.
Sarah: And you are?
Colt: My name is Mr. Colt. And I need you to come with me.
Sarah: Now, why would we do that, Mr. Colt?
Colt: 'Cause I assume you find me imposing. Don't worry, you can be honest. I'm going for imposing.

First of all, congratulations, Devon on the, on, what, on whatever God gave you there...


(Chuck and Ellie contemplate new jobs)
Ellie: If you say pilot of the Millennium Falcon, I will hit you.
Chuck: Why would I say that, that's absurd! I'm going to be a ninja assassin.
Ellie: No. Try again.
Chuck: Um, Olympic...
Ellie: Uh uh.
Chuck: Secret agent.
Ellie: This is what happens whey you sit in front of the television too long.

"Somebody order drive through"? Huh? Did you think that up as you were racing over here to save us? Hey, maybe I'll say this after I crash into the restaurant!


My name is Charles Carmichael. I'm a CIA agent, and this is my trap. I don't think you gentlemen recognize the gravity of the predicament you're in. Your call to the Buy More? Yeah, we traced that. Your compound is currently surrounded by 23 infantry troopers, 16 snipers, seven heavy gunners, four demolitions experts and enough ammunition to orbit Arnold Schwarzenegger. You're outmatched and you're outgunned. Those pea-shooters you're holding might as well be sharp sticks and strong language....Of course you don't see anyone. What do you think we are, the FBI? The only thing you're going to see is a muzzle flash and an e-ticket straight to hell.


Chuck: So, can I be completely honest?
Sarah: Yeah?
Chuck: I miss the Wienerlicious. I mean, the Bavarian charm and the toxic nacho cheese that you guys had.
Sarah: My clothes smelled like sausage.
Chuck: Nostalgia completely gone.

Ellie: You have many skills, Chuck, but the kitchen is not one of them.
Chuck: Oh, but that's why they call it Hamburger Helper.

(Casey saves Chuck mid-fall off a building)
Chuck: You... You...
Casey: Yeah, I catch you when you fall. It's touching. Really.
Chuck: No, no, I love you!
Casey: Keep it in your pants, Bartowski.

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