There is no Tuttle, Charles. My name is Alexi Volkoff, I believe you were looking for me.


You should look into the roof. I saw an eye opening piece on asbestos...dangerous, dangerous stuff, and you got it everywhere.


I'm not gonna fight you on this anymore Chuck. If you trust her, then that's gonna be enough for me.


Sarah: You might as well have just posted about our fight on Friendster.
Chuck: Friendster? Honey, people stopped using Friendster five years ago.

Chuck: Where are we going?
Tuttle: Well this lot is going to the lamb chop factory so don't say anything about mint sauce.

Oh cool, a tiny weapons standoff.


Woman: What are you looking at?
Chuck: Not that scar, or that scar. Neither one of those scars. Or your, or your mole...mole.

Chuck: I need your help on a super, top secret mission.
Morgan: Do I get to parachute out of a plane on a wild horse?
Chuck: No you do not, because nobody ever does, but you do get to wear and ear piece.
Morgan: Sold!

Because I value our relationship, John, I need to be frank with you. We are in a fight.

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