Chuck Review: Gasp! Volkoff!

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I was hearing all over the Interwebs yesterday that this week's Chuck was the best of the season. 

While I enjoyed it, "Chuck Versus The First Fight" won't come anywhere near my Top Ten Chuck Episodes list.  It had an all-time great ending twist, but any ep the lacks the presence of Jeffster just can't be historic.

Fun Chuck Scene

So, who had money on Mama Bartowski as a septuple agent?  Seriously, how many times are Linda Hamilton and the Chuck writers going to be able to trick me into thinking she's either good or bad?  At this point, I'm convinced she's still good, but when she played Chuck that video and Tuttle showed himself to be Volkoff, I once again had serious doubts.

It wasn't just the Mama B that confused me.  The key was adding an entirely new character that also gained my confidence, and then ripped it away.  Not only was Timothy Dalton a great source of comedy as Gregory Tuttle, but he was so unassuming that I never once expected him to be bad.  Come to find out he's THE VOLKOFF?!?  Pure genius.

In great Chuck fashion, this week's ep pulled of the trifecta with style.

You would think it was lacking without Jeffster, but Morgan picked up the slack and delivered more than a few chuckles.  Any time you can compare a platonic male to male friendship with a romantic male to female relationship, I'm going to find it funny.  Morgan relating Chuck and Sarah's problems to his and Casey's?  A perfect use of that logic. All it takes to get the Bearded Wonder excited for a mission is an ear piece, and he gets worried about asbestos at the bank.  Love this guy.

Mary: "Morgan Grimes. I haven't seen you since you were nine years old."
Morgan: "You know what? I haven't had a decent rice krispie treat since."

I absolutely lost it.  Way to build on last week's lemon bars joke Morgan.

Tuttle was great as he enjoyed the tiny weapons standoff and watching two field agents in action. What a show! These moments became even funnier after realizing he was Volkoff acting in character the entire time.

We had a decent amount of good action this week, beginning with the aforementioned tiny weapon standoff that was followed by Chuck dismantling some bad guys. And then at the bank, we got a robbery and a Chuck and Sarah tag team that was great to watch.  Their bickering is much easier to take when they're round-housing bad guys at the same time.

Chuck's Family

I thought Chuck and Tuttle having a heart-to-heart in the back of the truck with the sheep was heartfelt at the moment, but little did I know it was just Volkoff putting on a show.

In terms of actually heart-warming moments, we were blessed with the dramatic work of Sarah Lancaster and Linda Hamilton playing daughter and mother.  Great work by the two of them.  Watching Ellie struggle to even begin speaking to her mom was fantastic.  But then Mama and Ellie thinking about the good times?  Glorious.

Moving Forward
Speaking of the good times... Mary mentioned to Ellie a '68 Mustang that Papa B used to have and everything clicked for her.  Eleanor went ahead and found the Mustang that had been in the Classifieds forever and in it was a note from Papa B.  So what is up with the car?  What secrets will it have inside?  And what was that green light thing under the seat?

What did the video that Mama B played in front of Chuck do?  Did it delete his Intersect?  That's what it seems to have done at the moment, but it couldn't be that obvious right?  If she is actually good, which also seems likely given Mary's hand-off of the razor blade to Sarah, then why would she eliminate Chuck's power?

Things are moving along quite nicely at this point.  After plenty of non-Volkoff episodes early in the season, we've had a couple in a row now.  Let's hope this trend continues, as this long-running story line is getting really good.


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I have just now gotten around to reading Sepinwall's post on this week's Chuck, and I was surprised to see that he used a similar format to my Chuck Triple Threat. I'm assuming this is what Dan was talking about in his comment, and since I've been doing that since day one, I can assure that style was definitely not a mimic.


Dan, I may be an idiot, but I do not mimic anyone's review. I did, however, read a lot of the godfather of online tv criticism before I started doing this job, so I'm sure much of his style is ingrained in my brain. He's one of the best, so I'll take that as a compliment.


This was truly an amazing episode. As a brit and a fan of Timothy Dalton as Bond, I was wandering why his accent kept changing from a Yorkshire man to a Scotsman and the twang of a stereotypical English accent (which might I add a majority of the British population do not have)...It's because he was Volkoff! A classic twist and so unexpected. I am looking forward to the next episode. I also reckon momma B gave chuck new intel on Volkoff


I was totally thinking along the same lines as Autumn! I can't imagine Mama B destroying all of that information without some sort of back up plan. I felt like the Volkoff twist was pretty obvious. How can you have a super-agent like Timothy Dalton come on the show and not be a huge character?


You got to be an idiot if you didn't realize Timothy Dalton would be Volkoff. Also, do you just read Alan Sepinwalls blog first and then mimic his style?


Autumn, I love it. Mama B knows that she has to go along with Volkoff's plan of destroying O'Rion's base so she backs all of that information up in Chuck's brain. The reason he can't flash right away because there is now so much stuff in there that it takes a while to download fully and he won't be able to use it correctly for a while. Awesome.


welll it lacked some comedy... and a nice end of the fight... but i thought it was a good episode ... we r finally moving a little bit forward... we want more jeffster and big Mike ...


I'm thinking that the video Momma B showed him downloaded new intersect information into Chuck's brain - all the information Papa B had downstairs and Volkoff just blew up. Think about it...that would be genious!

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Morgan: You know a couple's first fight actually sets the tone for all future arguments. Trust me, I'm going through it right now myself.
Chuck: You and Alex?
Morgan: No me and Casey actually.

Mary: Morgan Grimes. I haven't seen you since you were nine years old.
Morgan:You know what? I haven't had a decent rice krispie treat since.