For the last two years we had to protect Chuck from the world, but now we need to protect the world from chuck.


Sarah: Ever since you went to Prague I've worked with the best spies in the world and you know what?
Chuck: They're on their way here to save us?
Sarah: None of them can do what you can do. You're a spy and you can save us.

I've seen men have their finger nails ripped off. They were treated more humanely than you treated that kid.

Casey [to Sarah about Chuck]

I've known your whole life. You're slightly unmotivated, a bit of an underachiever, but loser? Not your turf.

Morgan [to Chuck]

Chuck: Maybe we should be introduced, I'm Chuck Cartowski: total loser, cheeseball addict.

Still paying the loser cover? You're nailing it.


Chuck: If I help you guys then maybe Beckman puts the old team back together.
Casey: And all my dreams come true.

I heard you were a lemon, but this is pathetic Bartowski, even for you.

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