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I feel healed.


You're the only doctor that's been able to do a damn thing for us...and we need you.


Travis: If you let us back in, we will answer the question we've been dodging since day one. We will tell why we were sent to you in the first place.
Wes: We'll tell you why I pulled my gun on Travis.

Travis, I do not own an ascot. Why would you even put that in the story?


Travis: You just said we were your patients.
Dr. Ryan: You are my patients at this exact moment. We will see where things are when this ends.

You haven't even thanked me for saving you from making the biggest mistake of your life—at a great cost to my own career, I might add.


You don't have the market cornered on grief, Travis.


I only have one thing left to say, and it isn't very therapeutic. Go kick their ass.

Dr. Ryan

You need to use words like 'I' in here.

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