Common Law Season Finale Review: Thank You

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If you watched Common Law tonight, you likely screamed "Gun!" at your television on more than one occasion.

From finding out what brought our boys to couples therapy, to watching them take down the man responsible for the death of their friend, this episode was certainly one to make you stand up and cheer.

Travis and Wes Share the Story

Failing to fit in with their new therapy group was likely the best thing that ever happened to these two. Then again, their new therapist needed therapy himself. So it was probably better they got out while they could.

So, we finally know how Wes came to pull that gun on Travis. More importantly, we now know how the duo met.

It was great to learn about David Pack, better known as Pack-man. It seemed like the three of them were pretty tight, as if Pack-man was confident they could get it right when it came to taking down whoever was killing all those prostitutes. He knew it would be the beginning of a "beautiful friendship." In many ways, Wes and Travis owed him for their success.

It's interesting to note that, in many ways, Wes and Travis only really came together as partners in order to try and nail that dirty rotten scoundrel, John Crowell. It was their mutual respect for Pack-man and their desire to see the people responsible brought to justice.

The story of Wes pulling the gun on Travis was not one of anger and disagreement, it was one of a friend trying to help a grieving friend about to make a mistake he was going to regret dearly. In many ways, Wes' actions were heroic. It cost them both in some way, most notably in forcing them to go to couples therapy.

Crowell seemed like quite the villain. However, it might have been more fun to have watched them attempt to take him down little by little. It would have required they spill the beans about what led them to Dr. Ryan a little sooner, but the way things played out tonight was a real highlight of this series so far!

Highlights from the episode:

  • Stormfront! Nice tactic, boys.
  • The evidence from previous cases that appeared during the chase montage. If the show had ended tonight, it would have been a great way to go out.
  • Seeing Pack-man tell them to shake hands at the end as a flashback.

Thank you for a great first season Common Law. Now, USA Network, let's greenlight that second one...


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Season finale was the BEST!! Loved the music, the emotions, so hope to see the return of Common Law next Season. Both Michael Ealy and Warren Cole are terrific actors!! I would like to see the character Alex reunite with Wes in their next season. They have chemistry... a connection!! Hopefully they will begin dating to eventually re-marry in which Travis will yearn to one day find his soul-mate as Wes as done as they fight the bad guys!!


I love this show. These guys are so good together, I really enjoy their verbal sparring. I truly hope USA gives them another year to develop their characters more fully. There is so much potential for this show, I can't wait to see where it takes them. There are many of us at home on Friday nights, it is so nice to have something fun to watch.


I can't believe it's over. I love this show. This episode was absolutely amazing.


I've enjoyed this show, hope there's a second season.


all i need by awolnation


This was such a great episode. I'm so glad they told the whole story and I'm glad it had an emotional component.....the death of their friend. I laughed so hard watching the Old Captain Sutton. I really truly hope that this show sees a second season....and more. For those of you wondering about the songs from this episode. The song playing during the flashbacks of Wes pulling his gun on Travis AND the last song are both performed by the same band....Awolnation. First song is called Sail, the second and end song is called All I Need.


Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing at the end of the episode? I really liked it and want to download it.


I thought this whole season has been enjoyable, but only above average at worst and solid at best. I thought this finale was fantastic, though. I was on the edge of my seat.


I loved this episode. I'm surprised they gave us the whole story, but I was glad that they did. This one had a lot of action in it, and having Travis and Wes decide that the therapy was actually helping, makes for some good stories next season. I'm hoping USA does give it another chance. I will be watching.


I was waiting in the last scene of which path of usa show this show might be following (like white collar suits versus burn notice covert affairs). I don't know if it made the right choice.

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