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Shirley: My problem with the Glee club is that their conveniently secular music rejects the reason for the season, JC.
Britta: Penneys?
Shirley: Jesus, Britta.
Britta: Sorry! Jon Cryer?

Oh please, not liking Glee club doesn't make us bullies and implying that is reverse bully-ism!


Pierce! They're just trying to pander to your demographic's well-documented historical vanity. Resist!


That's what worries me about this guy, he's equal parts Hanson and Manson.


It was almost like being on ecstasy, only that instead of having pointless conversations and dancing like idiots...wait, it was exactly like being on ecstasy!


Glee! It's a feeling you get when your brain finally lets your heart get into its pants!

Mr. Rad

And to think I let him captain my magic carpet in my dream last night.

Dean Pelton

Look Abed, you know I'd do anything you did, but I'm a Jehovah's Witness, we're not supposed to celebrate Christmas.


The Glee club is at Westside Hospital recuperating from a collective nervous breakdown.

Dean Pelton
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