Keith: No, I just do what I'm told.
Lindsey: So, you're a pompous lackey ass?

See, it's all the little details criminals never pay attention to. Just one little something they forget and we nail them. I love this job.


There's a lot of sex going on in this room. Apparently V.I.P. means something else.


Mac: A southern girl like you has a problem with gentlemen's clubs?
Jo: Hell no! What I have a problem with is a gentleman who may have committed murder.

Lindsey: This spot could be grease.
Danny: You better hope it is given where we found it.
Lindsey: You're gross.

Mac: I believed her.
Jo: Based on...?
Mac: My gut.
Jo: Mac, you always tell the guys to use their heads, not their hearts.
Mac: I didn't say my heart. I said my gut.

Alright, enough of this quiet man crap. Are you okay?

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