Now that I think about it, shooting that fatuous mayor might have been the best thing that could have happened.


After seeing somebody just fall... and all the blood...


You got 'em? That's where Claire and Joe are?


Can you believe that damn hillbilly? He's been going on all day and all night about what an experienced hunter he is, and then he goes and shoots the wrong guy!


Hope: Stay where you are.
Ciara: But Theo needs -
Hope: Listen to me, damn it! Stay where you are!

Now, you've seen firsthand the lengths to which these felons will go to to achieve their criminal ends. That is why it is crucial that now more than ever, we as a community act not out of fear, not to excerbate what is already a precarious and dangerous situation. We have faced challenges before and we have risen to them and we will do it again.


I know you killed Stefano.


Brady. If I move into that house because I’m scared of Xander, Deimos is gonna think it’s something else.


That man tried to have me killed. His son killed my husband. I will not hide.


We need to put the past behind us. We need to think about the future. We need to be men.


Chloe: Think of all the time you’ll spend with Parker.
Nicole: Wow. That’s below the belt.

While Clyde Weston is still at large, you’re going to go out to lunch?


Days of Our Lives Quotes

Hope: Excuse me. Officer Brady was hired on the recommendation of the Commissioner.
Rains: The Commissioner is his uncle!

Thank you for loving me even though I'm me.