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Ciara: I'm going to try out to be one of the mean step-sisters.
Chase: I definitely think you'll get the part.

Stefano: Oh, how I wish Rafael Hernandez was dead?
EJ: Well who doesn't? Is there a particular reason for wanting that today?

Oh my God. I'm being threaten by a big, bad Dimera. I am so scared.


Sami: Maybe he's just talking the talk.
Kate: Oh yeah, because that's so much like Stefano. No follow through.

First Kristen, now EJ and Stefano. What, is there a fire sale on corrupt officials?


You are so lucky that you're so damn cute.


Not perfect? Having your father go to prison for a crime you committed is a little more than not perfect.


To snag a man like EJ, well she must be some kind of hell cat in bed. Hey does she get that from you. Is that what Dr. Dan saw in you because I can't imagine what else it could be.


I would like to earn the right to hold your hand. Just tell me that that is impossible. I will move mountains.


Will's a grown man. Nobody put a gun to his head and told him what to write.


My grandmother is a psychiatrist. I don't need my glorified barista husband to tell me what I'm thinking.


Oh, good for you. You read the other parts too, not just the parts about you having sex with my fiance in the shower.

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You know I don't think anyone who twitches their behind for Stefano Dimera has the right to call anyone else low.


Belle Black: Do you believe everything a beautiful girl tells you?
Shawn Brady: Well, I believe everything you tell me.
Belle Black: Good answer!