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Days of our lives
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Sami: I just thought that…
Will: That someone else would have given me the happy news that you're back together with that cheating scum of a husband.

Sami: Everybody makes mistakes, Will. Everybody.
Will: I have a daughter that reminds me every day.

EJ: It's nice to meet a man whose word is his bond.
Victor: When it suits me.

Look, Kristen may be the zombie that never dies but for now let's just focus on Brady and his dad.


My beautiful, impossible sister. I love you as much as you love me.


You're a good looking guy. OK, you lack a conscience and a soul but you're quite witty, cute smile, decent body.


You have to admit that my family does bring along an elevated level of crazy and potentially lethal force to the party.


You miserable excuse for a woman. You half witted piece of lint. Get the hell out of my house, now!


Well, he said that you need a honeymoon. We have a convertible sofa so I guess that would do.


Susan Banks: Seems like just yesterday you were strapped to an electric chair just waiting to fry for killing someone, huh?
Sami: Well, it was a lethal injection but I was totally innocent.
Susan: Imagine that.

Samantha Jean Brady Dimera, will you marry me one last time.


Sami, what you are is a grown up and if you decide that EJ is what you want and he is going to make you happy then decide that with your eyes wide open. All I've ever wanted for you in your whole life is for you to be utterly happy.

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