(about Theresa) She's one in a million. Thank God.


Whoever stole JJ from me, she's nothing but a lying slut.


Daniel: I don’t hate you. I can’t.
Nicole: Well you’re doing a really good imitation of it.

(to Victor) Maybe God still does take your calls.


I was shot twice and I’m still here. Sonny’s way tougher than I am. He climbed K2.


Melanie: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you or cried on your jacket.
Nicole: That was yelling? You’re an amateur compared to what I usually get.

I don't care what it looked like. He's a Kiriakis. We survive, especially when we have a lot to live for.


Lucas: If Justin doesn't appreciate you, that's on him.
Adrienne: Have I mentioned the hot attorney he's working with all day and night?

Your mom must be so proud of the two of you. You know I thought I was good at inappropriate sex but you two take it to a truly higher plane.


You might want to see who's calling Abigail. It might be some married man who has 15 minutes to spare.


You know I think you lost your right to moral outrage when you dipped EJ Dimera's wick again and again and again.

Theresa (to Abigail)

Being tolerated is such a high.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

But if you do anything to hurt my daughter you'll have to answer to me and just so we're clear that rap sheet included running someone over with a car, so you understand.


Wait, wait. You have to continue bedding her to make sure the deal doesn't get blown. Is that what you call being a good lawyer, Justin or a whore.