I mean he was so not even close to Mr. Right. He was barely Mr. Right Now.


Hope: All that Mayberry: RFD stuff, do you buy it, any of it?

You're sensitive about getting an ex-priest into the sack so you can grab his elephant.


(to Kate) Stefano is a bastard. He's evil incarnate. We've both known that for decades.


Wait, wait. You have to continue bedding her to make sure the deal doesn't get blown. Is that what you call being a good lawyer, Justin or a whore.


But if you do anything to hurt my daughter you'll have to answer to me and just so we're clear that rap sheet included running someone over with a car, so you understand.


Will, missing a birthday is messing up. Cheating is a betrayal of everything that a marriage is suppose to be.


You are on the ground and my heel is on your throat after all these years.


Abigail: At least she is consistent. She's always a bitch.
Melanie: It's almost an art form for her.

(about Theresa) You know what? That girl could really use a hug or electro-shock therapy.


(to Theresa) It's so ironic that you work in human resources since you're not a human and you don't have any resources.


Trying to be nice gets you nowhere in this town.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

Sami: Everybody makes mistakes, Will. Everybody.
Will: I have a daughter that reminds me every day.

I hate your compliments more than I hate your slurs.