Come on man, you're trying to win her back. I don't think this is the time to go all macho and start making all the decisions for her.


After I'm finished with you, I'm gonna get my grandson and I'm gonna take him out of Salem for good.


One step at a time? Sweetness, I don't know if we have that kind of time anymore.


I'm going to keep my family safe no matter what I have to do.


Who said you can't go home again?


How does that make you feel, Clyde, to use a belt on a kid who can't fight back? Like a real man?


Kayla: Don't worry.
Steve: You might as well tell me to stop breathing, Sweethness.

Xander's out for blood. He's not playing games.


Aiden, why are you doing this?


Why would you feel guilty?
Sonny" Cause I went to Paris.


Hope: Excuse me. Officer Brady was hired on the recommendation of the Commissioner.
Rains: The Commissioner is his uncle!

Chad. You have plenty of time to save the company and take care of business. But first you have to take care of yourself. Abigail would want that.