Well, if that's the worst problem you have a as a couple, you know, you guys are like, disgustingly solid and happy.


Come on, who the hell would believe anything Andre says?


A few nights alone with you, that's all I could ask for.


It takes what it takes, that's all.


I always thought the two of you were good together.


Tell me that you're gonna run. Best thing for everything, including you, is to bounce. You know that, don't you?


Deimos: I'm sorry.
Nicole: Not as sorry as I am to hear that you haven't changed at all.

But now you're free. So you can either continue to live like a cornered animal or you can make decisions that benefit you.


Hope, nothing we have experienced is normal.


Andre: I realize that policemen are suspicious by nature, but I assure you I do not have a hidden agenda.
Rafe: You wanna take a polygraph on that?

If you can't be open with me, how are we to move forward?


Try to lose that self-righteous tone, will you, Rafe? We both know full well who killed my father.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

I should have known, right, that it would never happen because I don't deserve it. I'm so stupid. This is payback. I have done horrible things to people, really terrible things, and sooner or later it all comes back to you.


I'm not cold and cunning. I'm unreadable and sly.