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Days of our lives

When I left town you were on such a high horse but you managed to get down off of it to get into bed with my brother.


I am the top notch lawyer so when I tell you this chicken don't fly, this chicken don't fly.


I don't like saving lives getting in the way of me telling you how to run yours.

Kayla (to Hope)

Daniel: She just showed up and…
Jennifer: And you just opened the door and you said, Hey I realize you tried to kill me a few short weeks ago but come on in.

Daniel told me that the two of you were finished, again.

Kristen (to Jennifer)

LIfe would be a lot simpler if woman weren't friends with other woman.


Aidan: I say and do stupid things when I drink.
Nicole: Oh come on, don't be so hard on yourself. You say and do stupid things when you're sober too.

EJ, it made me feel like piece of my soul had been ripped out of my body and I would never get it back.


Ciara: I'm going to try out to be one of the mean step-sisters.
Chase: I definitely think you'll get the part.

Stefano: Oh, how I wish Rafael Hernandez was dead?
EJ: Well who doesn't? Is there a particular reason for wanting that today?

Oh my God. I'm being threaten by a big, bad Dimera. I am so scared.


Sami: Maybe he's just talking the talk.
Kate: Oh yeah, because that's so much like Stefano. No follow through.

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Days of Our Lives Quotes

You are the most amazing survivor I have ever known or ever will know.


Sami: Everybody makes mistakes, Will. Everybody.
Will: I have a daughter that reminds me every day.

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